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Wisconsin Insurance Security Fund

Helping Wisconsin policyholders when they need it the most.


The Wisconsin Insurance Security Fund is a non-profit legal entity created by the Wisconsin legislature to protect Wisconsin resident policyholders in the event of an insolvency of a member insurance company. To provide this protection, the Association continues insurance policy coverage while paying the claims and other policy benefits under life, annuity, accident and health insurance policies.

The information provided in this Web site is general in nature and may not address a specific policy or issue. The intent of this site is to provide information about the Guaranty Association of Wisconsin. The terms and coverage of insurance products are very diverse and, as a result, it is difficult to make general statements about Guaranty Association coverage without reviewing a specific contract. The generalized information provided by this website should not be relied upon as legal advice. In addition, please refer to the Wisconsin Insurance Security Fund Act., Wis. Stat. Chapter 646, for a more complete explanation of the powers and duties of the Guaranty Association.

We have links to other associations and entities that may be of interest, and we maintain a listing of insolvencies affecting residents of Wisconsin. If you cannot find the information you need on these pages, feel free to contact us (click on the Contact Us link above). We hope you find our site informative.


Penn Treaty

The administration of Penn Treaty coverage continued by the Wisconsin Insurance Security Fund (WISF) since liquidation is moving to the Wisconsin Insurance Security Fund offices effective September 12, 2018. You will receive a mailing with important information about the administration of your policy after August 27, 2018. Informational materials are also posted under the Penn Treaty tab for your reference. If you have questions, contact the WISF toll free at 800-344-5484.

Lincoln Memorial

Policyholders whose policies remain with WISF will have their administration and claims services moved from the Lincoln Memorial receiver to the WISF office effective September 1, 2018. Those policyholders affected by this change will be sent a letter with the new contact information starting August 27, 2018. Lincoln Memorial policies covered by the WISF that were assumed by Liberty Bankers Life Insurance Company are not affected by this change. If you have questions, contact the WISF toll free at 800-344-5484.